What is the Neymar Jr. Experience? A: It is an educational app developed for your enjoyment and to learn how to play football with Neymar Jr. We teach the technical fundaments of the sport, from warm-ups to finish, through video classes. We start each chapter with easier moves and progress to more difficult plays.

Oh, and each class is followed by a challenge for you to practice, record and send to the exclusive NJR XP social network, where you can also view and comment on videos of other users. In addition to classes and challenges, we have tutorials on Neymar Jr. tricks, videos of his best plays and super challenges proposed by our star. Cool, right?

Why subscribe to NJR XP? What do I get out of it? A: As a subscriber, you get access to the full app experience: you can see the full content, create videos of your own plays and share them with the community, and in the process getting to know many new people who are also great players. You can also track your progress and get better and better.

I’m not a subscriber. How does the app work for me? A: Those who are not subscribers of the NJR XP have access to some free content and can participate in some of the Super Challenges. However, they can’t track progress.

How many challenges can I complete in per day? A: All challenges that are available to you. And, while you wait for new challenges, you can redo them as many times as you want to up your performance.

Can I wait until tomorrow to complete a challenge I received today? A: Yes. You can publish and share your videos whenever you want.

Can I always redo my challenge? A: You can redo your challenge and publish its content as many times as you wish.

I want to subscribe to NJR XP. How do I pay for it? A: NJR Experience payment can be done through Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You may also subscribe through your cell phone company in Brazil and some specific countries.

Can I test the product before I decide if I want to subscribe or not? A: You can access our free content and use the product for as long as you want. However, to have access to the premium content and other benefits, you must subscribe.

In what languages is NJR XP available? A: For now, it is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish and Hungarian.

Can I log onto NJR Experience using my social network? A: Yes, you can log on through Facebook and Google. You can also fill out a new registration.

I forgot my password. Now what? A: On the app’s login screen, click on “I forgot my password”. Type in your e-mail information to receive a link to redefine your password.

I found inappropriate content on the app. What should I do? A: Use the report button to alert us about a video containing offensive language or inappropriate content that has been posted on NJR Experience. The button is on the lower right corner of each video on our social network. When reported, the content will be analyzed by the NJR XP team and may be removed from the app.

How can I change my payment method or cancel my subscription? A: To make any alterations regarding your subscription, follow the instructions received by SMS. But beware! Uninstalling the app does not automatically cancel your subscription.

How much is the app price and which are the subscription plans? Monthly, annually? A: Free Access: the user can access some challenges without needing a subscription. To use the service, data traffic is necessary, through a mobile network with consumption of the data plan, or through a wifi network.

Customers who subscribe NJR XP will be charged the price published in the app stores (Google Play Store and Apple Store), which varies by the period chosen (monthly or annual), during the whole time the service remains active, even if not used. The service price will be billed directly in the credit card registered in the apps stores. In some specific countries, there’s also the option to pay through Mobile Network Operators. Please consult your mobile provider to understand if NJR XP is available in your location and its pricing.

Which devices are compatible with the NJR XP? The app runs on the following Android and iOS versions: • Android: 5.0 or higher. • iOS: 12.0 or higher. If there is an older version of one of these operating systems on your device, the app may not work correctly. Therefore, we suggest you always keep your device updated. Talk to the manufacturer to find out if there are any updates available for your model!

If there is an older version of one of these operating systems on your device, the app may not work correctly. Therefore, we suggest you always keep your device updated. Talk to the manufacturer to find out if there are any updates available for your model!

Can I use my account on more than one device? Can I use it on devices that run on different operating systems?

A: Yes! There is no impediment to this.

I just posted a video, but I can’t see it on the NJR XP social network. Why? A: As soon as you post a video, our system needs time to process the file. Therefore, it may take a few minutes for it to upload and become available.

Why can’t I share the pictures and videos I’ve sent to NJR XP on my social networks? A: It is currently possible to share your challenges on Facebook, Messenger, SMS or Gmail. So your video can be seen by everyone!